Bitcoin Magazine
2018-05-09 20:05:13

CDX Brings Inaugural Blockchain Summit to New York

The Chief Digital Officer Global Forum (CDX) summit series is gearing up for its next installation in New York. Established in 2013, the summit has set up shop in Chicago, San Francisco, Singapore and, most recently, Las Vegas, with focuses on emerging innovations in mobile, IoT and digital advertising technologies.To be held on May 11, 2018, in Columbia University’s Lerner Hall, this latest installment will concentrate on advancements in blockchain technology and its application to traditional industries. To this end, the CDX Blockchain Brand Innovation Summit has an extensive list of speakers and panelists both from within and without the blockchain space, featuring representatives from the likes of Hulu, CNBC, IBM and BTC Media.“CDX has always focused on digital business transformation even when it wasn’t such a catch-phrase,” Drew Ianni, CDX’s founder and event chairman, told Bitcoin Magazine in an interview. “And certainly blockchain [technology] holds a lot of promise in regard to driving digital business transformation across a range of industries so we decided to stage a show on blockchain to help our attendees learn more about its potential,” he continued.Ianni and CDX have spurred the summit forth at a time when anything to the tune of crypto has reached a fever pitch in popular culture. But to Ianni, this conference isn’t about capitalizing on cryptocurrency’s meteoric popularity; it’s about ...